For Preventative Maintenance we recommend cleaning once a year.


Top ten reasons to clean!
1.  REMOVE deeply embedded soil, grime and pollution!
2.  REVITALIZE  the appearance of even badly neglected awnings!
3.  REPLACE plasticizers and protectants!
4.  RESTORE to the original, colorful awning it once was!
5.  INCREASE resistance to damaging environmental elements!
6.  EXTEND life expectancy!
7.  RECREATE the image you originally had for your business!
8.  ENHANCE advertising value and effectiveness!
9.  REDUCE fading and color loss!
10. AVOID replacement costs!



Your awnings need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent pollutants from becoming embedded into the surface of the fabric which causes premature material failure. Also, the longer the residues remain in contact with the surface, the greater the chance that stains will become permanent. Deposits of auto exhaust, air pollution, industrial fallout, mold, mildew, fungus, bird droppings and environmental dirt allowed to remain in contact for extended periods of time will cause deterioration of the threads thus breaking down the seams and bindings, shortening the life of your awnings. Keeping awnings properly maintained not only protects your awning investment but has the added benefit of attractive, clean awnings. “It’s not just an awning, it’s your Image!”

Mildew is the first situation we need to handle in the awning cleaning process.  Mildew is unpleasant on the eyes and it can cause an unpleasant odor as well.  The mildew buildup is usually the end result of pollen sitting in a dark and damp area.  In order to prevent mildew from building up, each week you should take a few moments to hose down your awning.  This is the first step in your awning cleaning process and really simple!  It’s just a matter of getting out there and doing it.  On a retractable awning, once you’ve hosed it down you want to make sure it’s able to dry out really well before you roll it back up.  It’s best to do on a nice clear and sunny day so your awning can completely dry out.


We recommend this simple solution for a more productive cleaning.
Home made Cleaning Solution for Sunbrella
1 gallon warm water
1/2 C Bleach
1/4 C Mild Laundry Soap – Dreft – Woolite-Ivory Snow (Only use what we have mentioned as a harsh detergent can damage the material, especially the waterproofing on your awning)

We recommend cleaning a small inconspicuous area first just to make sure that fabric reacts positivley. Clean in small sections with soft brush so solution doesn’t dry, do not do in the heat of the day. Rinse before solution dries.

Once dry, you could also spray a silicone based sealer, such as: 3M Scotchguard

If you can handle this part of your awning cleaning duties, you’ll keep it looking nice and new!

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