Graphics can add information or just pure decoration to any awning.  Most businesses utilize this option but the right design element can give that extra touch to a residential awning as well.  art

There are a few ways in which we apply graphics: On Canvas awnings we either screen paint or use the Sunbrella Graphics Digital System.  On Vinyl or Metal or for Window Graphics, we use pressure sensitive “sticky” vinyl.  Another, more complicated technique, is called Eradication.  This process is done by wiping away the color of the awning where the graphics would be and either leaving white or applying a second color of pressure sensitive vinyl.  This process is primarily for illuminated awnings or signs where “true color” graphics are desired at night. 

If you opt to add graphics to your awning, getting us the correct artwork is very important.  Your graphics can only look as good as the artwork.  We are able to retouch your existing art or even create new art if you prefer.  These services do require an extra fee.   High resolution line are is required.  We can accept: .ai  .eps  .pdf  .png and  .jpg (if high resolution). 

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