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A Valance provides a nice compliment to any awning.

 The cut design of the valance and the binding color add extra flare to any awning. From a simple wave valance to a castle square valance, we offer a number of options to satisfy any valance look. An awning valance is typically 8 inches tall but they can be made any size your desire. Apart from valance style #8 (shown above), which may be turned and hemmed on itself, all other styles require binding across the bottom. The binding finishes the look of the valance and since most valances are loose when the wind blows they can create an appealing visual look.

Valances may also be added as a decorative, stand-alone element to enhance your building creating added shade and visual appeal. All valances can even have graphics added to them to help identify your address, services provided, or even add your company name or logo to help clients and customers find you better.

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The Binding is the trim sewn around the valance edge. This can be either a matching color to the material or a contrasting color. The binding finishes the valance providing a clean edge to the fabric.

"Camel has provided awnings for the Copper Cellar Corporation for over 30 years and has always done an outstanding job."

- Mike, Copper Cellar Corp 03/16/2017

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