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Awnings can be made from Canvas, Vinyl or Metal: Canvas can be either acrylic or polyester, Vinyl in either translucent or opaque, and Metal is flat or corrugated. Click on the brands below to view their available color swatches.





Made using the exclusive patented Ferrari Precontraint technology, Precontraint 502 textiles are manufactured under equal tension throughout the manufacturnig cycle.

Other Ferrari Lines: Ferrari Stripes | Ferrari Soltis 86 | Ferrari Soltis 92 | Ferrari Soltis 93 | Ferrari Stam 6002

Sattler Vinyl

Hurculite Natura

Hurculite Natura is a revolutionary new high performance textile featuring the look and feel of woven cloth on both sides.

Coastline Plus

Coastline Plus is a commercial grade awning fabric with the best warranty performance in its class. This line offers the widest range of solid colors and stripes available.

Cooley Brite

Cooley Brit was the first company to develop translucent materials for signs and awnings and the first to create eradicable substrates. The Cooley name is synonymous with high quality flexible materials for backlit signs and awnings. In fact, Cooley was the pioneer in developing products for this market.

Other Cooley Brite Lines: Cooley Brite Lite


has been proven by exceptional performance for over 25 years. This large structure, architectural fabric has superior outdoor pigments, prolonged color retention and ultraviolet protection.



Time-tested laminated vinyl awning, canopy and shade fabric available in 31 colors and backed by a five-year, limited warranty.


Premier family of mesh fabrics for awnings, umbrellas and screen projects, backed by a five-year, limited warranty and available in three styles including two flame retardant fabrics.


Phifertex has an antimicrobial product protection, which helps prevent the growth of stain-and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew that can damage the fabric.



Sunbrella is our most popular brand and has a 10 Year Warranty! Their fabric is tactile yet durable, has industry-leading environmental characteristics, is easy to care for and offers long life – wherever it’s used.


Firesist by Sunbrella Satisfies the toughest fire and building codes. Firesist yarn uses state-of-the-art technology to produce fibers that are formulated to be inherently fire-retardant and engineered for awning applications. Since fire protection is an inherent attribute of the fabric, it will not leach or wash out during the life of the fabric.



Weathertyte® Advanced Awning Fabrics are durable, textured vinyl composites, without the weaknesses of woven fabric.


WeatherMAX® is a combination of super high strength, durability, and long-term color retention that delivers a truly versatile outdoor fabric for a variety of applications.


"Camel has provided awnings for the Copper Cellar Corporation for over 30 years and has always done an outstanding job."

- Mike, Copper Cellar Corp 03/16/2017

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